Remortgaging is a process that is more common than most people think, with many changes in circumstances meaning that you may have to change the terms of your existing mortgage to something that is more realistic and manageable.

By remortgaging, you can change the conditions of a mortgage to a more suitable repayment. These include the type of schedule that you want to follow, how long you would like to take a mortgage loan out for, how much interest rate you would like to pay, and how much overall is payable.

Spanish Remortgage

This is widely the same universally, but there are some differences that are exclusive to our country, with our team of experts able to give you advice on how to successfully remortgage in Spain.

Especially with the COVID-19 outbreak causing havoc and disruption worldwide, many people will financially feel the effects of this for years to come, meaning an inevitable change on how people budget. This means that many people will now be looking for a Spanish remortgage service to help them renegotiate terms to something more realistic.

This is how you can go about doing so with the help of Fluent Finance Abroad…

The first option you can look at is completely closing your existing mortgage and setting up an entirely new one. This process if often the most expensive option of the two, as this requires you to pay the fees that are associated with taking out a new mortgage. You will also have to pay a cancellation penalty if you are looking to stop your current mortgage with your lender.

What we normally see as a more preferred method of Spanish remortgaging is a process called subrogation. This allows you to transfer an existing mortgage to a new mortgage lender, thus allowing you to renegotiate your terms.

However, you are often not able to subrogate your mortgage at will, as they will often need to study your application to remortgage, taking a close look at your current financial situation and mortgage payment history.

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