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Chez Fluent Finance Abroad nous offrons à nos clients les meilleurs services pour répondre à leurs besoins financiers en Espagne.

Donc nous cherchons à fournir un nombre d’assurances pour que nos clients puissent tout faire sous un toit.

Nous pensons aussi que vous êtes capable d’acheter une propriété de luxe ici en Espagne nous pensons que vous auriez besoin d’une assurance qui peut vous offrir une couverture compréhensible de ce que vous avez à couvrir.
FFA connaît un grand nombre de différentes assurances pour vous assurer d’avoir la couverture que vous voulez au meilleur prix.

Aucune enquête est trop bizarre, assurez-vous de contacter pour pouvoir ainsi trouver une politique qui qui répond à vos besoins d’assurances.

Insurance from Fluent Finance Abroad

Les assurances de Fluent Finance Abroad:


Fluent Finance Abroad knows how important it is to protect our home and those who dwell in it. Don’t let risks and unforeseen events that threaten your home upset you. You will have an insurance adapted to your specific needs with a whole package of covers to protect your home from fire damage, atmospheric phenomenon, water damage, breakages, break-in, theft, burglary, and civil responsibility, as well as a wide range of home and legal assistance, all attended to by a large team of highly qualified professionals and 24-hour telephone service.

Furthermore, you can complement your policy by contracting additional covers that better adapt to your house (solar panels, jewellery theft, theft of objects of special value, vehicles in garage, pets, etc.).


Guaranteeing maximum protection.
Because our commitment is to your safety, we have designed a policy aimed at protecting you from the many eventualities that can occur at the wheel of your car, not only those that can happen to you, but also ones that you may cause.

With Car Insurance you will feel protected by ample coverage and assisted by the best professionals, who will help you with any event that is covered by your policy.

Discover the wide range of solutions offered by this insurance that are adaptable to what you need and which, apart from the classical and necessary coverage, includes among others fire risk, theft, broken windows, total write-off, own damage, vandalism, civil liability or damage claims, and other new guarantees like vehicle re-paint, fuelling mistakes or vehicle replacement in case of accident or theft.

Additionally there is an enormous range of legal, psychological and travel assistance which, together with the aforementioned services, make up a complete and innovative insurance plan that adapts to what you need at any time.

We provide an insurance plan which also looks out for the environment by rewarding eco-friendly drivers.


Because your health and that of your loved ones is the most important thing, our insurance has designed a product that offers you top quality medical assistance at competitive prices.

With this insurance you will have a product with ample coverage ranging from primary and specialized medical care to the most advanced surgical techniques, and a large team of experts in medical and hospital services whom you will have fast and comfortable access to, as all administration arrangements can be made by telephone and without the need to make unnecessary trips.

You will have access to a large team of specialists, freedom of choice of doctor and hospital, as well as a 24-hour emergency service and full national coverage, with health care assistance abroad.

Don’t hesitate and make the most of all the benefits of private medical care, without having to put up with long waiting lists.


Because you and your family’s peace of mind is the most important thing, our insurance has designed a life insurance product which offers you the maximum protection for you and your loved ones.

In case of death or disability, with Individual Risk your family will be secure, as it will help them maintain their quality of life and cope with family expenses by means of a payment which will help guard against unforeseen events.


Funeral expenses insurances
With our Family Assistance Plan, you will be able to protect your family at any time and any place with a wide range of services in case of death (burial service in Spain and additional indemnity), accident(capital for death or disability), illness (24-hour medical service line, dental service, transfers, hospitalization), travel (24-hour travel service) and legal assistance (legal and tax orientation, obtaining documents and administration tasks).

We also guarantee the best service with our repatriation cover. Because day-to-day activities are not extent of risks, in case of the policy holder’s death our company will take care of sorting out the awkward bureaucratic arrangements involving repatriation of the deceased, pay for transfer expenses so that the burial can take place in their country of origin.

Furthermore, if the preferred option is repatriation of the deceased, thereby declining the burial service in Spain, the beneficiaries of the policy will be provided with the amount insured for this service so that they can afford to pay for the burial in their country.

The costs of return transport for one person is also included (from Spain or from the country of origin) in order to accompany the mortal remains.


No one but you knows the effort that goes into creating and maintaining a business. In order that your business is insured with the cover it really needs, our insurance provides products adapted to every business activity:
This is a product with ample coverage for coping with specific risks in business activity and designed for premises aimed at the sale of retail merchandise without handling.
We offer you, at the best price and with a package of coverage perfectly adapted to your activity, a product especially aimed at protecting your professional office, including wide coverage to protect the building from risks it may be exposed to.
Service Sector:
This product is designed for premises aimed at providing all kinds of services, such as hotel and restaurant, cultural, social, recreational, sporting, health and beauty services.

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