On Stranger Tides

Fluent Finance Abroad was set up by Marc Elliott back in 2006. That was two years before the hit of financial crisis and resulting credit crunch that adversely affected the Spanish property market. Whist many other financial entities sank without a trace, FFA successfully navigated our business, our partners and our clients through that financial storm. We gained a great deal of unique knowledge along the way. Now, 14 years on, we find ourselves entering into an uncertain period once again. This time the Coronavirus epidemic is the catalyst for the tsunami which will wreak havoc across the lending markets and wider economy. While the causes of financial turmoil differ, the fallout, and how best to pilot your way through is a skill which can be learnt. As one of the longest-serving specialist mortgage consultancies in Spain, we use the benefit of experience gained by prevailing through previous trials and tribulations to act as a beacon for our clients guiding them so they do not have to put their purchase plans on hold and can still realise their Spanish property dreams. Read More